Settling of solid particles in a container filled with water and left undisturbed for at least 24 hours. After the particles settle, the clean water can be carefully poured into a clean container. Particle removal may result in the removal of a fraction of the pathogens present, but an additional disinfecting step is advisable.


Any container can be used for the settling, no special purchase required. In case of using three-pot treatment, some extra pots or containers might be required. There are no further operating costs.


This method is applicable for use at household level. Organized from a central level, households might get training and recommendations for using settling. The settling process itself can be managed by the households themselves. Not feasible to control the use.


Mainly used for surface water. If containers are open, contaminations might blow into water.


Can be applied with two pots, but three-pot system is advised. Every 24 hours water is poured into new pot, only water from third pot is used. Siphon helps reducing turbulence during pouring. Pots need cleaning before pouring new water.


Requires careful attention of users. They need to leave the water long enough in the pot, to pour water to the following pot and to clean the pots. Activities might be easily neglected, resulting in increased health risks for users.

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