Household level lift handpumps


Practical, labor-intensive handpump solutions for groundwater use where water tables are deeper than 7m. Suitable for (extended) family use. Most well-known types include the Tara, Canzee and rope pumps. Not optimal for heavy-duty use.


May cost in the range of USD30-150 based on model, location, labor and materials. Regional introduction costs USD 10,000-30,000 incl. 20 pumps, hands-on training and equipment engineering. Instead of an institutional (government-related) service strategy, the setting up of professional, local production facilities and distribution networks may be more resilient. Deep wells may require extra pump sets (> USD800).


Suitable for up to 100 people, ideal as a shared household option. All maintenance is relatively simple and can easily be done at village level. Local adaptation of the central design is often permitted to fit local skills and infrastructure.


Low ecological footprint, it only pumps limited water volumes from shallow aquifers. In case of shallow wells, the extracted water may contain multiple contaminations.


All spare parts can be locally manufactured and repaired with only a basic welding machine, standard hand tools and supply of standard construction items. Repairs include mending the pipe, rope or turning part, straightening pumprods, replacing bearings, cupseals and washers.


Contamination in well must be considered for treatment and may require awareness raising programs for efficient tackling. Household water treatment might be required. Users might be less willing to pay for the water because they have to pump manually.

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