Household level suction handpumps


Cheap water lifting option for a maximum of about 100 people per well. For areas with shallow groundwater tables (<7m). Easy in maintenance, since main features are located on pump-stand above ground. Particularly widespread in Asia. Key examples: No.6 pump and traditional designs.


A household level suction handpump may cost USD 10-80. Maintenance costs are low. Depending on installation depth and drilling method, a pump including a tube well might cost USD 100-200.


Installation and maintenance is simple, facilities can be managed locally, without external support. For major repairs, like cracked or broken parts, a metal workshop and related skilled labor should be available in the vicinity of the pump.


Low ecological footprint technology, it only pumps limited water volumes from shallow aquifers. Use of these suction pumps might cause contamination if unclean water is used for priming. During severe droughts water might become too deep for using suction handpumps.


Priming (pouring water on plunger) may be needed at the start of operation. Maintenance includes regular greasing and checking of pump-stand parts, replacement of washers, cupseals and bearings. Major repairs include broken rising mains and cracks in the welding of parts.


Users should be aware of using clean water for priming when starting operation. Well contamination needs treatment step and may require awareness raising programs for efficient tackling. Warning: Arsenic contamination of shallow wells in Bangladesh causes a public health crisis.

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